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242: Having Humility – Signs Of A Mature Christian241: Dependence On God – Signs Of A Mature Christian240: How Does Prayer Align With Action?239: Big Words Christians Should Know – Justification & Sanctification238Bonus Episode: Why Does The Church Blame Pontius Pilate For Crucifying Jesus?

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“I love your podcasts! I don’t listen to all of them, but I share them with my boyfriend and I don’t know if he actually listens but I like sharing!! You guys have helped me take time out of my day and get into Gods word, and I’m trying to not be a lukewarm Christian and give up the sins of the world! I’m 19 and trying to move out of my moms house while I’m taking a year off from school!! You have a fan in Minnesota also! I don’t know if there are anymore but yea! My name is Katie and I love what you guys do! Keep up the good work!”
— Katie Voight —
"I love how thoroughly thought out and deep Marc and Chris’s conversations are. They have a genuine love for God and love discussing how they have personally gotten to know Him better through their own lives. They ask and discuss so many difficult questions I grew up thinking, but never had someone to talk them through with. I’ve gained new perspectives and knowledge from listening. I’d highly recommend checking this podcast out."
— Zoey Reagan —

It's really nice to hear people who believe in God and still be down to earth and understanding. I'm hooked!

— ysanti 18 —

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