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“I love your podcasts! I don’t listen to all of them, but I share them with my boyfriend and I don’t know if he actually listens but I like sharing!! You guys have helped me take time out of my day and get into Gods word, and I’m trying to not be a lukewarm Christian and give up the sins of the world! I’m 19 and trying to move out of my moms house while I’m taking a year off from school!! You have a fan in Minnesota also! I don’t know if there are anymore but yea! My name is Katie and I love what you guys do! Keep up the good work!”
— Katie Voight —
"I love how they follow everything up with scripture and explain the Bible instead of just pushing personal opinions. Marc and Chris keep it real while not taking themselves too seriously all the time. I’ve had this podcast on all day everyday at work for the last week. I’m learning so much as someone who just started digging deeper into my faith. This podcast is helping me for my own opinions on big issues."
"Marc and Chris are two well spoken men that ain’t afraid to talk about issues that even the church won’t talk about today. I listen to them everyday 12hr a day while I’m at work. I decided that it was better to put something uplifting in my mind then listen to music throughout the day. They have been very educating and sometimes challenging. They are very good about bringing Gods word into there conversations. And not just basing everything off of there own opinion. They have encouraged me to move on from my “lukewarm” Christian life. ”

Featured Guests on RTC

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