About Real Talk Christian Podcast

Real Talk Christian Podcast (RTC) was born out of two friends who would spend many hours at a local Starbucks talking about faith, culture, and living the practical, every day Christian life when faith and culture collide. Marc Hyde & Chris Fuller talk about various topics that range from hot-topic to "is that even a thing?" If a Christian needs to think about a topic, RTC will talk about it. RTC also interviews other Christians who may be experts in their field or have an amazing story that will encourage other Christians. We hope that you will join the RTC family.

Meet the Hosts


Chris Fuller

Age: 32

Family: married to Janeal and we have 3 kids: Piper, Noelle, Shiloh

Favorite Coffee Drink: White Chocolate Mocha & RTC coffee

Favorite topic to talk about: Jesus and Music

One fun fact about you: I thoroughly enjoy worshipping by myself. Singing and playing from my heart with no format.

Age and quick story of when you decided to follow Jesus: I was 8 years old when I decided to follow Jesus. I was attending a church of Christ at the time and I remember how influential the pastor was. He, along with others, showed me me the love of Jesus in such a way that it made me realize on September 14th, 1997, that I wanted to give myself fully to serving Jesus.

Marc and Beth

Marc Hyde

Age: 30

Family: Married to Beth (the same Beth we interviewed on episode 39) and has 7 kids: Ava, Sadie, Elliott, Nora, Mia, Evie, and Lucy.

Favorite Coffee Drink: Oh, man, there’s too many. Caffe Breves and Flat Whites are my go-to when I have a little money to drop. But just a solid cup of coffee (with International Delight Sweet Cream creamer) does the trick every day.

Favorite topic to talk about: Anything regarding ethics and morality

One fun fact about you: As a kid, my favorite snack was a head of iceberg lettuce and ketchup. No joke.

Age and quick story of when you decided to follow Jesus: I decided to follow Jesus when I was 10 years old…after we got home from AWANA kids on a Wednesday night. My father was playing a Southern Gospel record (dad was from Louisiana and Texas) in the house, and the song was about when Jesus comes back to call his saints. I realized that I wouldn’t be a part of the saints, and I did not want to NOT be with Jesus.

Other Podcast: Marc hosts another podcast for small churches. You can learn more about it at smallmedia.church.

Connect with Marc & Fuller

Real Talk Christian Podcast is all about conversations, and we want to have those conversations with you! We continue each week's conversation on both Facebook and Instagram, but if you'd like to reach out to either talk/text with one of us or leave a message, you can do that too!

We are always looking for interesting topic ideas for the show. Feel free to give us your suggestions on any platform.

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If you'd like to text us, you can text us at (574) 400-5352. And yes, it's a real number.

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