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Real Talk Christian Podcast exists to have conversations that the church needs to be having so that Christians can be well equipped to think critically and Biblically in order to help them follow Jesus more closely and show others the way to the Way.

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Fast Facts

Hosts: Marc Hyde (Left) and Chris Fuller (Right)

Location: South Bend, Indiana

First Episode: August 1, 2019

Frequency: Next episodes weekly (Thursday release)

Fast Stats

*last updated August 8, 2023

Total Episodes: 207 (not including bonus content)

Total Audio Downloads: 621.7k

Last 30 days Audio Downloads: 47.6k

YouTube Subscribers: 952

Facebook Page Likes: 1K

Facebook Group Members: 1,079

Instagram Followers: 1,494

Recent Milestones:

  • Reach #34 in Religion & Spirituality category in the USA on Spotify

Recent Spotify Stats (all time):

  • 502K Streams
  • 97,630 Listeners

Sponsorship Packages

Package 1

$400 Per Month

30 second audio advertisement at the beginning of each episode

Social media post announcement

Social media account tagged in our instagram profile

You can have us include flat promotional materials for us to include in our 'mini swag bags" that we mail people that include our promotional materials and Bibles (you must provide those materials for us to include)

Advertisements stay on the episode for the life of the show.

Package 2

$600 Per Month

Everything in Package 1 Plus . . .

Logo placed on episode artwork (to be shared on social, website, and podcast player apps)

Logo placed on Youtube Video Thumbnail

Package 3

$700 Per Month

Everything in Package 2 Plus . . .

Logo placed on Facebook Groups Cover Art

Logo placed on YouTube intro slide

How we use sponsorship money

We believe that RTC is a ministry to encourage Christians in their faith and reach unbelievers in their struggles. Over the last year, we have seen people follow Jesus, get baptized, join a church, start Bible studies, lead mission trips, and so much more because of our ministry. A couple years ago, we decided that all proceeds that RTC made would not go into our own pockets, but rather, it would all go back into the ministry. We have purchased and delivered countless Bibles, resources, and materials to Christians all over the world, and your partnership will help us reach more people – both with your own message and resources but also to get Bibles, books, and materials into the hands of listeners who need them most.

When you partner with RTC, you aren't paying a salary. You're reaching people with the Good News of Jesus.

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