111: Are Christians Too Obsessed with Abortion?

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Christians have been known as primarily “pro-life” when it comes to the abortion conversation but with the recent decision in Texas to not allow abortions after a detectable heartbeat, the conversation around abortion is taking center stage once again – both in news outlets and social media. In the wake of the decision, many people (both Christians and unbelievers) have not held back their opinions on the matter; which leaves the world asking “are Christians too obsessed with this conversation around abortion?”
In this episode of RTC, Marc and Fuller talk about why Christians are obsessed with abortion, discuss if Christians are maybe a little too obsessed, and ask the question “is there ever an abortion that acceptable for Christians?” Although this is a sensitive subject, it’s a conversation that Christians cannot be scared to talk about. With using both the Bible and reasoning is used in this conversation, you will be sure to both learn and enjoy this episode.
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