106: Hey Singles, Don’t Waste Your Life

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In a world of Tinder, Bumble, Christian Mingle,  eharmony, and so many other dating sites out there, finding a partner has never been easier! However, as many singles have realized, it may be easy to find a “match,” but it seems harder and harder to find a life-long partner. When it comes to being single in the Christian community, it seems even harder to connect with one person, let alone connect with the church community at large. So, what should singles do?
In this episode of RTC, Marc is joined by Beth (@tribeofhyde) to talk about singleness. Up until March, Beth was a Christian single who decided to not wait until her life was “put together” to start living her life and begin her family. We hope that this episode helps both singles and partners understand singleness according to the Bible and how being single doesn’t make you any less of a person.
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Beautiful Design sermon series with Matt Chandler: https://subsplash.com/thevillagechurch/lb/ms/+80f86b1
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