102: False Teachers in the Church ft. Rodney Buse of “What Does the Bible Say?” Podcast

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In recent years, it seems that people from various camps have been calling popular teachers and pastors “false teachers,” but what makes someone a false teacher? Is a false teacher just someone who you disagree with or does there need to be more to their teaching to be considered a “false teacher”?
In this episode of RTC, Marc and Fuller are joined by Rodney Buse of “What Does the Bible Say?” to help us all figure out how to spot false teachers in the church and what our steps should be when we realize that we found one.
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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFB63TgQNX9Pe-vCmOiodRg
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Website: https://butwhatdoesthebiblesay.buzzsprout.com
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