083: Sinful Excuses

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In recent years, people have started saying that sin is a made up concept that is designed to keep religious people in line. If you have grown up in a religious home or in the church, you know that sin is a concept that is often preached from the pulpit as an offense towards God. However, it seems that many Christians don’t have a clue what sin is, let alone feel the guilt caused by sin. Every wondered, “why?”
In this episode of RTC, Marc and Fuller talk about two different sides of the same coin:  why we often make excuses for sin and why we keep sinning even after deciding to follow Jesus. In this episode, they discuss two religious words, one called “justification” and the other called “sanctification,” and how once we understand how God works in the lives of every day people, it should cause us to love and pursue God in every area of our lives.
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