074: How to Raise Christian Kids with Ryan Coatney of Cross Formed Kids

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In an ever-changing world, how do we raise our kids to love Jesus and pursue him? This is a question that has been asked to us here at RTC a handful of times, and we knew that we needed to bring in the big guns for this conversation!

In this week’s episode of RTC, Marc and Fuller sit down with Ryan Coatney of Cross Formed Kids. Cross Formed Kids is a biblically-based catechism method of learning and has grown in popularity with Christian parents all over America. In this episode, we ask Ryan many questions, including these: Why are so many kids and teens walking away from Christianity? What are ways that we can talk with our kids about Christianity in a way that they love Jesus and not just do the Christian thing? How do we have conversations around salvation and baptism at such a young age? Do you think there should be a certain age for salvation and baptism? Is teaching kids to follow Jesus a form of child abuse?

If you are a parent or hope to one day be a parent, you’ll enjoy this conversation. If you have any questions regarding Cross Formed Kids, you can find a link to their website in EVERY single show note that we’ve produced for RTC. We believe in this style of educating your children, and we believe that you’ll love this conversation.


//Information on Cross Formed Kids and Ryan Coatney//

Cross Formed Kids: https://crossformedkids.com

Cross Formed Kids on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/crossformedkids

Cross Formed Kids on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crossformedkids/

Ryan Coatney on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_coat/


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