073: Being Pro-Life After Birth ft. Andrew Wood of Knoxville Hope Resource Center (@knoxvillehope)

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Christians are often accused of only caring about babies when they are in the womb but not caring about both mothers and babies after babies are born, especially during political seasons when being Pro-Life becomes a talking point in the political sphere. But here’s a question: is this actually true? Marc and Fuller decided to sit down with Andrew Wood to talk about this claim.


Andrew Wood is the executive director of Knoxville Hope Resource Center (@knoxvillehope). Hope Resource Center comes alongside expecting parents who don’t know where else to turn when they find out they are pregnant by providing care for mothers and babies both before the baby’s birth and long after the birth. Hope walks with both men and women to help them establish a life as a parent, and they do all of this because they want to show God’s love to those who need it.


If you’ve ever heard the statement that Christians only care about babies in the womb or wondered if there’s something that Christians can do to help scared, pregnant mothers, you’ll definitely want to listen in on this conversation.


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