032: Getting Saved Only to Escape Hell?

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If you have decided to become a Christian to simply escape torment in hell, are you really saved? Is this enough to get you into heaven when you die? In this episode of RTC, Marc and Fuller discuss these questions as well as so many other facets to salvation – predestination, age of innocents, asking Jesus into your heart, and so much more. If salvation is the key to eternity, we probably should get this correct.


Links mentioned in this episode:

Brandon Saucier’s New Podcast: http://abbafather.buzzsprout.com

Easy way to share the Gospel: http://southsidesbc.org/gospel.html


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Got Questions?: https://www.gotquestions.org
Dwell Bible App: https://dwellapp.io
Cross Formed Kids from Ryan Coatney: https://crossformedkids.com
Listen on your favorite podcast platform: https://linktr.ee/realtalkchristianpodcast


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