028: Conversation with Recording Artist John Tibbs

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This week, Marc and Fuller had the privilege to sit down with recording artist John Tibbs and hear what it’s like to be a self-made recording artist. We were able to talk with Tibbs about his personal trials and struggles, including a stutter that he had since he was a kid and back problems in the middle of touring season, and how all of this plays into his story of God’s goodness. This conversation goes beyond the typical artist interview, so we know that you will enjoy it.

John Tibbs was gracious enough to bless our RTC family with two free music tracks…one that has YET to be released.


Click the link here to download those tracks now: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnGQOJ27ZoXBgb4TpdjsFu7lKaLV5A?e=PseYlk


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