013: Youth Sports vs The Church

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On this episode of Real Talk Christian, Marc and Chris talk about the youth sports culture and how many people are actually setting up their kids for failure because of the emphasis on pursuing sports at all costs. In this conversation, we talk about many topics around sports, including:

• The positives of sports

• The negative of sports

• The percentage of kids who go on to play Div. 1 sports and professional

• Working through as a family to develop a conversation piece to have with your kids about sports and their involvement

• How sports can change the world


Links to read more about the subject:

• https://time.com/magazine/us/4913681/september-4th-2017-vol-190-no-9-u-s/

• https://baptistandreflector.org/balancing-youth-sports-and-church/

• https://www.desiringgod.org/articles/spring-sports-and-sunday-church

• https://www.sportsrec.com/6542508/how-many-youth-participate-in-sports-in-the-us


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Music used in intro music:

• Artist: Paul Lindgren

• Song: Paradise

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