011: Parenting in the Digital Age with Justin Herman

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On this episode of Real Talk Christian, Marc interviews SoCal’s greatest Junior High Pastor – Justin Herman. Justin has been in youth ministry for many years, and besides being a youth pastor, Justin is a podcast host, a podcast developer, and a never ending resource for parents. In fact, Justin teaches something called “Parent School” where he teaches parents how the teen brain operates and how they can parent well in today’s world. Here are just a few of the conversation points that we talked about:

  • How should we handle our teens on social media?
  • How should we have conversations with our teens if they do inappropriate things with their phones (porn, sexting, chat rooms, etc.)?
  • How do I understand my teenagers brain?
  • For teens—how do you train your parents to trust you on social?
  • Resources to help you parent well.

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