006: Christians and Music, Part 2

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On this episode of Real Talk Christian Podcast, Marc and Chris continue their conversation with Brandon Saucier of South Side Baptist Church. Part 1 looked more into Brandon’s story, but part 2 dives into the deep questions that most Christians are asking about music. We go long on this podcast, but we pray that you’ll enjoy the conversation.

Coffee that we drank while recording this podcast: https://www.hiseyeshonduras.com/coffee.htmlHelpful links:

  • Skillet Lead Singer John Cooper on Marty Sampson of Hillsong: https://churchleaders.com/news/357259-john-l-cooper-skillet-cool-leaders-not-have-most-influence-christendom.html
  • Tolkien & Lewis conversation mentioned at the end of the episode: https://www.premierchristianradio.com/Shows/Saturday/Unbelievable/Episodes/Unbelievable-CS-Lewis-Tolkien-and-Barfield-How-the-Inklings-made-sense-of-faith-Mark-Vernon-and-Malcolm-Guite-Michael-Ward-and-Daniel-Ray
  • Preference in worship: https://churchleaders.com/youth/youth-leaders-articles/342155-worship-preferences-when-musical-taste-is-a-precondition-for-worship.html
  • Dwell Bible App: https://dwellapp.ioSouth Side Baptist Church: http://www.southsidesbc.orgCross Formed Kids from Ryan Coatney: https://crossformedkids.com

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Intro Music on podcast used by permission by the author.

  • Artist: Paul Lindgren
  • Song: Paradise
  • Link: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1kiadclDcNpa2YdT6zCdP9?si=lEZeoDk-QzCRwz8eU45gZQ